5 Passport Sticker Sheets


5 Matte Blank Passport Sticker Sheets with 120 peel off stickers.

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Have a game that can be played everywhere and want to mail passport stickers to your players by request?

You can certainly get your own 1.5″ x 1.5″ (or smaller) stickers, but if you would like ones that will perfectly fit in the squares of our passports and blend into the background, purchase our peel off matte sticker sheets!

These are great, because if you already have a rubber stamp, you can stamp directly onto the sticker, cut out the square, and send it out. Or you can stick them in your printer and print your game logos directly onto the sheets! (Request a digital file, so you know where to space your logos.)


  1. Matching background with a set of all 8 boxes! Whether an enthusiast’s next available spot is #3 or #8, you’ve got them covered!*
  2. Matching background with all just the #1 box! Keep it simple. Regardless of their next available spot, your passport sticker is going to the #1 spot!*
  3. Solid background that matches the page tone, so that players can place it anywhere in their passport or anywhere else!

Each sheet comes with 24 passport stickers and are sold in sets of 5 for a total of 120 stickers.


*NOTE: We have had a few variations of our passports (We the Enthusiasts, original, and pocket original) inwhich the background image on the box page may not line up exactly with the sticker images. Original passports do not have “We the Enthusiasts” logo on the cover.

Additional information

Weight 3.701-1 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × 0.005 in
Passport Sticker options

Boxes #1-8 Matching Background, Box #1 Matching Background, Solid Background


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