Where in the World is Dr. T. P. Rolls?

We’ve gone from the directory, to the map, to facebook, and now here. Using the paper trail you’ve followed, can you find Dr. T.P. Rolls? X marks the spot.

What road is Dr. T. P. Rolls on?

Protected Area

First letter of each word Capitalized. Abbreviated type of St. No punctuation or special characters.

Feeling lost?

Where are these games located? Feel free to use the 3 links that got you here, for assistance.

Search the directory on our homepage for the New England escape room company of each of the games.

1.  Time Chasers is by trap’t Escape Room Adventures
2. “The Botanist” is by Stratton Escape Room
3. “The Da Vinci Room” is by Break Free 603 LLC
4. “The Arcade” is by Upside Down Escape Games

First game: Doesn't matter. If Found Please Return To: Where 2 segments connect.


Find the 4 companies on the We The Enthusiasts Map and use 2 straight edges (we used 2 pieces of paper) to make an X. 


Connect trap’t Escape Room Adventures to Break Free 603. Connect Stratton Escape Room to Upside Down Escape Games.

Dr. T.P. Roll’s location is marked on the map.

Where the two lines intersect on our map, is a blue marker with an escape room that doesn’t exist.

(If you created your own map using Google Maps and the line tool, depending on accuracy, results may vary. Look for the marker on our map that most closely matches your intersection and has a strange name.)

Zoom in to find the road the blue map marker is on. Type the name of the rd exactly as it appears on Google.

Dr. T. P. Rolls is at the Fake Escape on
Bickford Pond Rd

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